Locally Sourced Beef Halves & Quarters


For those who weren’t raised on a farm you’re probably asking yourself “what is freezer beef?” Freezer Beef is our locally sourced beef, custom processed and sold by the half or quarter. Pennsylvania Packing House raises and process it’s beef from their very own family farm as well as a few other farms located in the surrounding Washington, PA area. All of our freezer beef is locally sourced and pasture-raised. Our freezer beef is perfect for anyone looking to purchase custom processed beef in bulk.

If you are new to freezer beef, you are going to need a big freezer to start with. If you’re interested in placing a freezer beef order feel free to call us (724) 222-5476 visit the store or send us a message from our contact form. We require approximately a four to six week lead in time as well as $100 deposit for all freezer beef orders.